Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Jesus is Lord - A Great Hymn

Here is a great hymn I just learned about a couple days ago. It expresses well in poetic form the awesome truths of Philippians 2:5-11. It is by Francis Bland Tucker and is sung to the tune of Ralph Vaughan Williams' Sine Nomine.

All praise to thee, for thou, O King divine,
Didst yield the glory that of right was thine,
That in our darkened hearts thy grace might shine:

Thou cam’st to us in lowliness of thought;
By thee the outcast and the poor were sought,
And by thy death was God’s salvation wrought:

Let this mind be in us which was in thee,
Who was a servant that we might be free,
Humbling thyself to death on Calvary:

Wherefore, by God’s eternal purpose, thou
Art high exalted o’er all creatures now,
And given the name to which all knees shall bow:

Let every tongue confess with one accord
In heaven and earth that Jesus Christ is Lord;
And God the Father be by all adored:


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