Sunday, December 03, 2006

Knowing the Christ We Pursue and Proclaim

This morning we gloried in who Christ Jesus is - his divine-human person. You can listen to the sermon by clicking on the title above and post comments or questions here.

Here are some great quotes from the Puritan pastor John Owen relating to Jesus Christ as the God-man.
"This is a glory whose beams are so wonderful that the blind world cannot see their beauty and so many deny the incarnation of God. Nevertheless, this is the glory of our religion, the glory of the church, the only rock on which it was built, the only source of present grace and future glory" (The Glory of Christ).
"Let us get it fixed in our minds that this glory of Christ in his divine-human person, is the best, the most noble and beneficial truth that we can think about or set our hearts on. It is the neglect of meditation that keeps so many Christians in a feeble state, regardless of their privileges. They hear of these things and assent to the truth of them or at least they do not quesiton them. But they never solemnly meditate on them. But they never solemnly meditate on them" (ibid.).

Spend time this week meditating on and adoring the Person of Christ. I would appreciate you sharing anything you learn as you do that, and may we all behold the glory of our Lord!

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