Sunday, February 04, 2007

Buried With Him Beneath This Flood

The more I come to understand the gospel, the more I rejoice when people follow the Lord in believer's baptism. Today we had the great joy of participating as Allan Lyson, Kristen Parker, and Constance Parker publicly identified with Christ.

Welcome to the family of God, Al!

Welcome to the family of God, Kristen!

Here are a couple great hymns we enjoyed that express well the significance of baptism.

Baptismal Hymn
(Tune: Old Hundredth)

Is it thy will that I should be
Buried in symbol, Lord, with thee;
Owning thee by this solemn sign,
Telling the world that I am thine?

Gladly I yield obedience now;
In all things to thy will I’d bow;
I’ll follow where my Savior led,
And humbly in his footsteps tread.

This emblematic, wat’ry grave
Shows forth his love-Who came to save;
And as I enter it, I see
The price my Savior paid for me.

Forth from thy burial, Lord, I come,
For Thou hast triumphed o’er the tomb;
Thy resurrection life I share—
My portion is no longer here.

O may I count myself to be
Dead to the sins that wounded thee,
Dead to the pleasures of this earth,
Unworthy of my heav’nly birth.

Lord Jesus, when I gaze on thee,
And all thy radiant glory see,
That joy will far exceed the shame
I bear on earth for thy loved name.


Come, Ye Who Bow to Sovereign Grace

Come, ye who bow to sovereign grace,
Record Immanuel’s love;
Join in a song of noble praise
To him who reigns above.

Once in the gloomy grave he lay,
But, by his rising power,
He bore the gates of death away;
Hail, mighty Conqueror!

Buried with him beneath this flood,
We glory in his death:
We own our great incarnate God,
And rise with him by faith.

As saints of old confessed his Name
In Jordan’s flowing tide,
So we adore the stricken Lamb,
Renouncing all beside.

No trust in water do we place,
‘Tis but an outward sign;
The great reality is grace,
The fountain blood divine.

St. 1-2, 4-5, Maria De Fleury
St. 3, Charles Spurgeon

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