Friday, September 28, 2007

Church Planting

Albert Mohler has a thoughtful blog post on church planting today. Having now been involved in church planting myself, I entirely concur with him when he says that one inescapable question that must be asked is, "What is a church?" This seems like an obvious question, but I'm not sure that we (and I include myself here) have adequately answered this question. We need to further wrestle biblically with questions such as
  • When is it biblically appropriate to start a new church in an area where there is already a gospel-preaching church?
  • Are we hindering the progress of the gospel long-term by multiplying ministries just to get our particular flavor?
  • Are we practically denying the unity of the body of Christ by starting churches focused on particular demographic groups?
Much more could be considered. But I would say that ecclesiology is a front burner issue for us if we want to advance the cause of Christ in a lasting and eternal way.

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