Thursday, September 20, 2007

Iraq Policy as a Revelation of Idolatry

I don't often comment on political matters on this blog, but I couldn't pass up this opportunity to give an example of something we talked about in our series, Building a Culture of Faithfulness. One of the current idolatries we discussed is humanism as it is expressed in an unflinching faith in Democracy with a capital D. Democracy will solve our problems, it is often said, and this faith has been the guiding light with respect to American policy in Iraq.

Sadly, both for us and for the Iraqis, democracy has been confused with freedom, peace, and a bunch of other good things. But reality has a way of laying bare our confusions, for it is the one true and living God who reigns, not mankind. The state of affairs in the Middle East for most of the past century, and particularly the state of affairs in Iraq right now, is exhibit A for this fact. Our faith in Democracy is bound to be disappointed.

Although not writing from a biblical perspective, Thomas Sowell has seen this problem and has stated it with laser-like clarity in two excellent articles in the National Review Online. You can read the first one here and the second here. Let me just add this exhortation: as Christians, let us repent of any hope for this world apart from Jesus Christ, let us put our trust in him, and then let us use the current situation to show men the foolishness of trusting in anyone but him.

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