Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Are "Kid Times" Biblical?

A little while ago I put up a post regarding Dr. Andreas Kostenberger's thoughtful consideration of integrating households in the church. As a helpful exercise in thinking through this issue, I would like to direct your attention to an article taking the opposite position and to a response to that article. Pastor Adam Blumer argues that churches should have "kid times." Pastor Greg Stiekes responds with a critique of Pastor Blumer's reasoning. If you have time to read these brief articles, it will be a good exercise in developing biblical discernment. I'd appreciate hearing your thoughts.


Rebecca said...

Hi Pastor Jason,
We have come up with many, many conflicts when our son was in sunday school classes, Junior church, VBS, summer day camp programs, when he was a little guy. But the thing that got us was being told by the Pastor that we couldn't take him out of these classes because that's where children in his church belong and if we didn't like it we could leave. Sometimes there is alot that goes on in these rooms that are a direct contradiction to what we as parents are trying to instill in our children.
Also, I think alot of parents rely on THE CHURCH to educate their children bibilically and love abdicating that responsiblity to someone else. They don't have a conviction about family devotion, alter, worship, Bible study time at home, whatever they may chose to call it, because "they get that at church". It takes the guilt away from the parents when they are dropping the ball at home.
I'm glad our little guy is a big guy now and can be beside us learning and asking questions and discussing with us the things we hear in class.

Jason Parker said...

Thanks for your input, Rebecca. You are quite right that biblically the parents bear primary responsibility for the training of their children. I'm also glad you pointed out the blessings of parents learning and discussing things with children. Some of the richest blessings and most precious times together are those times of learning together.