Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The Second London Baptist Confession

Chapter 15 - Repentence unto Life and Salvation

15.4 Because we carry about with us (as Scripture tells us) a 'body of death' biased towards evil, repentance is to continue through the whole course of our lives. Hence it is every man's duty to repent of each particular sin of which he is conscious, and to do so with particular care. Luke 19:8; 1 Tim 1:13,15.

15.5 In the [plan of salvation] God has made full provision for the preservation of believers in a state of salvation, so that, although even the smallest of sins deserves damnation, there is no sin so great that it will bring damnation to them that repent. This renders the constant preaching of repentance essential. Isa. 1:16-18; Rom. 6:23.

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