Friday, December 07, 2007

Honoring the Name of the Lord - the Flame of True Worship

Last week we discovered from the 3rd commandment how seriously the Lord takes the way we use his name. He has committed himself, in all of his unfailing omnipotence, to punish all those who use his name to no good purpose. But if this is all we gain from this commandment, then I believe we are falling far short of what God wants and deserves. This commandment is not merely about washing our mouths out with soap if we use God's name as a cuss word. It goes far deeper than that. It is really pointing us to an attitude of the heart which treasures and honors God's name.
Those who love the Lord are commanded to call upon his name (1 Chron 16:8), ascribe glory to his name (1 Chron 16:29; Ps 29:2; 96:8), exalt his name (Ps 34:3), sing the glory of his name (Ps 66:2; 68:4; 135:3), bless his name (Ps 96:2; 100:4), and praise his name (Ps 148:13; 149:3). We are those who love his name (Ps 69:36) and call upon his name (Gen 4:26; Ps 105:1; Rom 10:13). We recognize his name as holy and awesome (Ps 111:9; Lk 1:49). We look and long for that day in which “the Lord will be king over all the earth. On that day the Lord will be one and his name one” (Zech 14:9). In other words, the Lord alone will be acknowledged by name as the rightful ruler of the universe. When we have this genuine attitude in our church, there we will find the flame of true worship!

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Scripture Reading
Psalm 119:81-96

The Command to Worship the Lord with Honor - Deuteronomy 5:11

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