Friday, December 28, 2007

"You are not going to sell your service on the basis of doctrine"

Last week I gave some of you men an article on marketing the church. In light of that, this post about Christmas Entertainment on Justin Taylor's blog caught my attention. He cites James Twitchell, a professor of English and advertising at the University of Florida, saying.

"It has nothing to do with the Christmas message. . . . It's selling a sensation, an experience. . . . What competitive churches understand is that you are not going to sell your service on the basis of doctrine because it's all the same. When people go to church they . . . want to know if there's a good show. And often that's not coming out of doctrine, it comes from music, theatrics and the sound system."

I guess that makes us a non-competitive church. Our doctrine is what defines us because that is what defines Christianity and the gospel. Without that, we are not a church. We would be just another 'good show.'

So be it. We have gathered as a church because we want to follow Christ. He is the good shepherd, we are his sheep, and we hear his voice. We find in him the joy and satisfaction of our souls both now and forever. We really have nothing else to offer to people. If that is not what they want, then we can't help. But we also know that Christ is what everyone needs, and so we will continue to preach Christ and him crucified!

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