Friday, February 22, 2008

The Courage to Be Different

In our current cultural climate, one of the front lines of the battle for biblical truth is in the area of family and gender issues. In order to be faithful, we are going to have to be willing to live quite differently than the world around us would expect. In order to encourage you to that end, I would like to quote a commentary from Russell Moore, who challenges us with exactly what we need to hear.

A pastor must be willing to lose his pulpit in order to save it. He cannot simply denounce the same "culture war" opponents that might be demonized by Fox News. He must talk about issues that will be sensitive to people in his own congregation--a dating culture that by its very definition anticipates fornication, the outsourcing of parenting to daycare "professionals" in order to carry out duel-income [sic - although I think the way it is written here is also ironically true!] households, and so forth. A pastor who addresses such issues will find some hostility, but he will also find Christians--and seeking lost people--who are willing to give him a hearing because of his honesty and conviction.

The means, first of all, that complementarian pastors must give up on the notion that one can be comfortably anonymous in the ambient culture and still hold to biblical ideas of manhood and womanhood. If that ever were the case (and I doubt it), it is not the case anymore. A man who really gets Ephesians 5 is the kind of man who will be willing to work two jobs and live in a trailer to enable his wife to be the primary caregiver of his children. A woman who really understands Proverbs 31 is going to seem to be a "Stepford wife" to those who are accustomed to women making ribald jokes about men and loud complaints about incompetent husbands. A college student serious about biblical manhood and womanhood is going to set parameters for his interactions with the opposite sex that will seem ridiculous to his roommates.


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