Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Singing Psalms

This morning I planned our service for next Sunday morning, and as one of our songs I chose Psalm 8. I chose it, in part, because there was basically nothing else in our hymn book which dealt with who man is and what his place is in God's universe. In choosing music for our services I regularly face the challenge of finding music which expresses some of the themes which we will expound from Scripture in the service. We may not think of it often, but our American evangelical hymnody tends to focus on a fairly limited range of topics. The things we do sing about are great, but there is a great deal of doctrine and Christian life and experience that we do not sing about.

I believe singing the Psalms helps us to correct this imbalance. The psalms deal with a vast array of doctrine and experience in ways that enable us to express our hearts in worship to God. I hope you enjoy learning and singing the Psalms.

For some good thoughts from church leaders throughout history, see today's post on Psalm-singing at Chuck Bumgardner's blog.

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