Friday, March 28, 2008

Titus 2 In Action

Nancy Wilson has a great post encouraging older women to consider the great service they can render to the church in the "post-children" years. Rather than filling up your time with a job, invest your time and talents in the church for the cause of Christ. I completely agree with her conclusion:

If all the older women began to minister in this way, the impact would startle us all. The older women in the church are a tremendous resource, and we need to get to work doing what we do best, which is caring for people. The side benefit is that then we won’t feel at loose ends. We’ll see that we have an important place in God’s design for the Christian community, and our usefulness didn’t end when the kids all left for college. Far from it! Actually, we are just now warmed up and ready to go.

Also, here is a testimony of what a wonderful ministry this can be in a young mother's life.

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