Friday, August 01, 2008

The Lord of Life

There is a great enemy that all of us face. It wears many faces and comes in many forms, but it is the same old foe. Its name is disease and death, and we are engaged in a life and death struggle with this enemy. To give you some idea of how hard we fight against this foe, consider the medical field. How much have you spent on medical treatment and health insurance this year? Americans spend billions of dollars annually in this fight, yet the death rate is still one per capita. Men are willing to go to almost any length to attain immortality, even sacrificing the lives of other people in the process.
Now we can certainly be thankful for all of the medical technology available to us and for the benefits that we derive from it. Yet you cannot think about medicine for long without contemplating the issues of control, authority, and (quality of) life. Who is really in control of life and death? Who has the authority to command life and death? And who determines what the good life is?
I invite you to join us this Lord's Day to worship the One who is truly in every way the Lord of life.

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Scripture Reading
Rejoicing in God's Salvation - Isaiah 12

The Lord of Life - Luke 8:40-56

The Lord's Supper

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