Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Those of you in Phil's counseling and discipleship seminar have been studying biblical forgiveness, so when I came across this story I wanted to direct you to it.

Pastor Scott and Janet Willis have been a wonderful testimony to the grace of God ever since six of their children were killed in a tragic accident (the story is available here; scroll down to read). I had the priviledge of being a guest in the Willis home one night a couple years before the accident. I was a college student at the time. I remember that we talked about wrestling and watched a video of their oldest son's state championship match. We talked about what the Lord was doing in their church. We played with the little ones - the very children that the Lord took to be with him through the accident. Because of that connection, I have always remembered the Willis family vividly, and I have always been challenged by their faithfulness in affliction.

I would urge you to read the whole post over at Between Two Worlds, and may this help all of us to practice biblical forgiveness.

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