Monday, January 26, 2009

I Agree with the Pope!

No, I'm not about to run off and sign Evangelicals and Catholics Together. May it perish forever. But when I read this little article, I had to say that he is right on. I like to encourage thoughtful use of technology. Facebook is not inherently bad, but if we use it foolishly it will definitely be bad. Technology comes with potential for benefits and for risks, so let's not be blind to the potential risks of Facebook. Face to face friendships far surpass Facebook.


ThirstyMan said...

So, Jason... Are you on facebook? :-)

Jason Parker said...

Haha! Yes, I am. I am in "test mode" so to speak. I am exploring how this kind of technology can be used in good ways. The same thing can be said about this blog.

For example, Neil Postman has given a series of thoughtful questions to ask about using any given technology.
1. What is the problem to which this technology is the solution?
2. Whose problem is it?
3. Which people and what institutions might be most seriously harmed by a technological solution?
4. What new problems might be created because we have solved this problem?
5. What sort of people and institutions might acquire special economic and political power because of technological change?
6. What changes in language are being enforced by new technologies, and what is being gained and lost by such changes?

Of course, as Christians, we would have other important considerations. But these are at least the kind of thing that we would be wise to consider.

Now...I'll go to Facebook and invite you to be my friend. :-)

ThirstyMan said...

ha ha! I already invited you!

I'm kind of schizophrenic when it comes to facebook. I see the benefit of using it to promote my business (facebook is the most popular site for HS seniors...) but I also use it to promote things of a spiritual nature.

One BIG downside I see to fb is that it is so narcissistic. People tend to think that they are so interesting and that everyone else will want to think so too. It is very self-oriented.

It also really opens up people, especially young ladies to potential predators.


Jason Parker said...

Yes, you are exactly right. With increased technological ability comes increased moral responsibility. When there is a lack of spiritual discernment, an improper value system, and a disconnect from real relationships, Facebook will become a powerful tool for evil. Nevertheless, I do think it can be used profitably.