Friday, January 16, 2009

Putting a Stop to Church Hopping

Jay Adams has some good thoughts on "church tramps" here.

I refer to this because one of my hopes is that we as a church can lead the charge to recover a biblical practice of church membership for the sake of Christ and the gospel.


ThirstyMan said...

It's ironic that this post was put up just 3 days before I originally contacted HCBC.
Although Adams' description sounds eerily like our own situation, hopefully we haven't presented anything that would make those at HCBC cautious.
This is a good warning to my own soul!!

Jason Parker said...

Thanks for your comment, Tracy. No, you haven't done anything to make us "nervous." We simply want to be committed to the glory of Christ, the good of his people, and the spread of the gospel. All three of these things require that the church be what the church is supposed to be, which has to include our practice of church membership. I hope more and more churches will take this to heart. It is a good warning for all of us!