Friday, February 27, 2009

Assurance of Salvation

We have made some last minute changes this week, so missionary Michael Carlyle and his family will be with us on Sunday. Since I will not be preaching on the good news of God's great plan of salvation this Sunday, I wanted to direct your attention to a couple resources that tie in well with what we have been learning. These are excellent sermons on assurance of salvation, and they will encourage you in your life with Christ.

Dr. Mark Minnick has four sermons on assurance of salvation which you can download from the Mt. Calvary Baptist Church website. (Simply click on the link and scroll down the page until you come to the sermons labelled "assurance of salvation.")

Dr. Joel Beeke has written extensively on the topic of assurance of salvation, and you can find many good sermons from him on this topic here.

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