Friday, February 06, 2009

The Firstborn Among Many Brothers

God has a goal in his great plan of salvation, and it isn't just to get us out of hell. It is, rather, to bring honor to himself in the person of his Son by making him the firstborn among many brothers. That might sound strange to our ears, but it simply means that we bring honor to him by becoming like him. It's wild and strange, I know, but it is not mysterious, thanks to the Bible. We have a word for the process that God takes us through to accomplish this goal. It is sanctification. I invite you to join us as we participate in this process this Lord's Day!

Blessing and Honor (#10)
O Father, Thou Whose Love (#29)
Our Great Savior (#434)
Psalm 130
Psalm 119d
Be Thou My Vision (#462)

Scripture Reading
1 Peter 2-3

Blessed Be God for Blessing Us in Christ with Sanctification - Romans 6:1-14

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