Saturday, March 07, 2009

The Hope of Glory

Every one of us has in our hearts a dream - a dream of what life and the world ought to be. Our dreams are distorted, to be sure, but in his Word God has given us a glimpse of what this world ought to be. In fact, he has given us a glimpse of what this world will be when he brings his great plan of redemption to completion. It will be glory beyond anything we can even dream of now. Join us this Lord's Day as we rejoice in the hope of glory!

Jesus Shall Reign (#51)
Praise Ye the Lord (#58)
On Jordan's Stormy Banks (#649)
Immanuel's Land (#641)
For All the Saints (#643)
Thine Be the Glory (#162)

Scripture Reading
Glory - Revelation 21-22

Blessed be God for Blessing Us in Christ with Glorification - 1 Cor 15; Rom 8; Rev 21-22

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