Friday, April 24, 2009

The De Facto Religion of the West

I came across two things today which are signposts, helping us to understand the form of paganism which is now the de facto religion of Western societies.

First, glance at this article from Canada, "Birth Control Touted as Part of Earth Day." (HT: Challies). Second, read this statement from Albert Mohler, as he commented on the recent FDA decision allowing the so-called "Plan-B" pill to be sold to 17 year olds.

To the left, birth control is central to the modern project of liberation. Pregnancy and parenthood limit other endeavors, to say the very least. The project of liberating sex from marriage and sex within marriage from reproduction is central to the modern quest for autonomy. The Pill allowed a radical expansion in non-marital sex, for example, now freed from concern about pregnancy. The Pill represented a moral revolution of incalculable magnitude.

Third, ask yourself whether or not Western Christians have by-and-large bought into the left's ideas about birth control.

Now you will understand one reason among many why I say that paganism is the de facto religion of the West. We have millions and millions of Christians, but paganism sets the agenda from public policy to private bedrooms.

I spoke with another pastor today who expressed amazement at how fast the liberal agenda is being implemented in America today. But again I say - I'm not surprised. Paganism has taken root in our thinking, so all it needs is the right conditions to flower. Those conditions are here; hence, the bud is flowering. Paganism is the reigning religion of America.

P.S. I dealt briefly with some biblical teaching about this topic a while back. The post is "Abortion and the Sixth Commandment."

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