Saturday, April 25, 2009

Rejoicing in the Lord's Work

Spring has now sprung here in the Springs, and we are enjoying the Lord's handiwork. But the Lord is doing much greater works of salvation and judgment, works which are sometimes quite sobering to behold. The prophet Habakkuk faced a time of God's judgment, and he stood in awe of the Lord's work. Nevertheless, he asked the Lord to remember mercy in the midst of wrath, and he ultimately rejoiced in the God of his salvation. We wish to do the same this Lord's Day, so we invite you to join us.

God Himself Is Present
Rejoice, Believer, in the Lord (#627)
O for a Faith That Will Endure (#593)
Psalm 90a
God Is the Treasure of My Soul (#632)
We Rest on Thee (#600)
Jesus Shall Reign (#51)

Scripture Reading
The Lord Reigns - OT: Deuteronomy 33; NT: Luke 1:46-55

Rejoicing in the Lord's Work, Even in the Day of Trouble - Habakkuk 3:1-19

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