Friday, April 24, 2009

What Is Conservative Christianity? (Part 10)

Here are Kevin Bauder's concluding thoughts on conservative Christianity. If you understand these, you will understand a great deal about our church.

History, we are told, is written by the victors. The victors who control American evangelicalism and fundamentalism are the pragmatists and revivalists. On their account, the church before Finney was lifeless and hopelessly ineffective. Only the advent of “new measures” brought about the sweeping revivals of Finney, Moody, Sunday, and (depending upon whether you are an evangelical or a fundamentalist) either Graham or Hyles.

This history has gained the status of a powerful mythology. It tells American Christians who they are. It reassures them that, if they are not the greatest generation of believers in the history of the church, that generation is only recently past and today’s American Christian is the immediate heir to its riches.

Conservatism directly challenges that mythology.

Instead of this popular viewpoint, "Conservative Christians believe that their task is to reclaim a full-orbed, historic, biblical Christianity."

May the Lord help us to do just that.

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