Friday, July 31, 2009

Love and Life

More reflections by Lukacs:

He quotes Lathrop, "The finest art, the finest in life, is formed by love."

Later, he quotes Edmund Burke, from Reflections on the Revolution in France: "To be attached to the subdivision, to love the little platoon we belong to in society, is the first principle (the germ as it were) of public affections. It is the first link in the series by which we proceed towards a love to our country and to mankind."

Finally, Lukacs himself: "When we love someone we see her as God sees her - I said that, more than once, to my wives. That has always been true. But in America I have learned something else too, which is that love is practical. Do not say that to your American wife. She might say: 'Yes. Now please go and empty the dishwasher.'"

These men are touching on a decisive component of a conservative way of life. I believe it springs from a biblical imperative, which is to love your neighbor. Apart from real love with real people in real life, we cannot truly live.

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