Thursday, May 27, 2010

A Principled Administration

The United States has had, and still has, its share of agnostics and unbelievers. But it has never known organized militant atheism on the Jacobin, doctrinaire Socialist, or Communist model; it has rejected parties and theories which erect atheism into a political principle.

So wrote John Courtney Murray, one of America's preeminent Roman Catholic thinkers, in 1960. Whether or not that was true in 1960, it is certainly not true today. We are witnessing an executive administration which does erect atheism - or better, paganism - into a political principle. This is a very principled administration, in that sense, much more so than the Clinton administration, which was willing to be a bit more pragmatic. Virtually every item on the agenda over the past year and a half has been perfectly consistent with pagan principles, such as, most recently, the push to approve sodomy in our military and to seat thoroughly pagan thinkers on our highest court.

In his day, Murray foresaw such a possibility. "Perhaps," he wrote, "the dissolution, long since begun, may one day be consummated." I'm not convinced that the dissolution of Christian principles in American government is consummated, but I am convinced that pagan principles rule the day.

I remind you of this simply to challenge you to be thoroughly principled Christians. We face a very principled opposition, an opposition which is consistent with its own pagan principles to a high degree. They are not afraid to act upon their core commitments. We must not be afraid to act upon ours.
Source: We Hold These Truths by John Courtney Murray

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