Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Does It Matter?

After posting the previous post (or rant), I came across this little post by Carl Trueman. I have not watched the video to which he refers, but I appreciate the fact that he modeled exactly the kind of discernment needed when we watch such things.

Here's the main gist of Trueman's analysis:

...the video seems ultimately to be making a rather insubstantial and somewhat paternalistic point - "different traditions can learn from each other" - undergirded by strong hints that what separates these two traditions is not that significant....

In this context, I suspect videos such as this succeed only in appealing to intellectuals who like a theological conversation; for pastors and people (Reformed and Wesleyan), they probably serve only to confuse them about why issues the church has thought of as vitally important, doctrinally and practically, throughout the centuries, are suddenly matters of comparative indifference.

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