Wednesday, October 06, 2010


The next chapter of The Family at Church gives some clear advice on practicing the preached Word.Here is a brief condensation of the chapter.

1. Strive to retain and pray over what you have heard. Joseph Alleine said one way to remember the preached Word is to “come from your knees to the sermon, and come from the sermon to your knees.”
2. Familiarize yourself with the truths you have heard. When you come home from church, speak to your loved ones about the sermon you have heard in an edifying, practical manner. Encourage your children to take notes on the sermon. After the last service each Sabbath, we read through those notes as a family and talk our way through the sermons. In addition, speak with fellow believers about the sermons. Share some of the lessons you are learning from the Word. Do not engage in frivolous, worldly conversation after a sermon. Most important, familiarize yourself with the sermon by meditating in private upon what you have heard in public.
3. Put the sermon into action. A sermon is not over when the minister says “Amen.” Rather that is when the true sermon begins. In an old Scottish story, a wife asked her husband if the sermon was done. “No,” he replied, “It has been said, but it has yet to be done.” Ask older, more experienced Christians for advice. Thank God for all that you receive. Lean upon the Holy Spirit. (The Family at Church, Joel Beeke, chapter 4)

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