Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Afflictions of Christ

David Brainerd's entry in his diary on May 18, 1743 expresses what so many men and women have endured for the sake of Christ's cause.

My circumstances are such that I have no comfort of any kind,but what I have in God. I live in the most lonesome wilderness; have but one single person to converse with that can speak English. Most of the talk I hear is either Highland Scotch or Indian. I have no fellow-christian to whom I may unbosom myself, or lay open y spiritual sorrows; with whom I may take sweet counsel in conversation about heavenly things, and join in social prayer. I live poorly with regard to the comforts of life: most of my diet consists of boiled corn, hasty-pudding, &c. I lodge on a bundle of straw, my labor is hard and extremely difficult, and I have little appearance of success to comfort me. The Indians have no land to live on but what the Dutch people lay claim to; and these threaten to drive them off. They have no regard to the souls of the poor Indians; and by what I can learn, they hate me because I come to preach to them. But that which makes all my difficulties grievous to be borne, is, that God hides his face from me.

Brothers, pray for our missionaries, and pray that the Lord will make us willing to endure all things for the elect's sake.

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