Friday, November 19, 2010

Discover, Develop, Delight

I call myself conservative. What is that? Well, in one sense it is simply an attempt to live in accordance with absolute reality as God has revealed it. This reality is ours to discover, develop, and delight in, but it is not ours to determine. Too many people think of conservatism like a block of wood - inert, static, incapable of change, a relic of past life. While conservatism which has died is block-like, genuine conservatism is more like a tree which grows, develops, and produces beautiful blossoms and luscious fruit - but always in keeping with its true nature.

Thinking in this vein, I appreciate good discussions which discover, develop, and delight within the framework of God-saturated reality. The results are quite often explosive, life-changing, and deeply satisfying. Today I'd like to highlight a couple discussions which fit that bill from websites which regularly feature worthwhile content.

"Will the Real Legalist Please Stand Up - Judging Culture"

"Humanity and Honor, Culture and Clarity"


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