Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Good Memories, Good Music

Photo from Glen Eyrie website
Last night my wife and I enjoyed a special gift from our church family - the 2010 Music of Christmas concert by the Chamber Orchestra of the Springs and the Colorado Springs Children's Chorale. The event was held in the Great Hall of the Castle at Glen Eyrie.

As my wife and I walked through the chilly night air up to the castle, we remembered that we had not been to a concert together since before we were married. The last time we attended a concert, we walked through the chilly night air of Milwaukee, WI to attend a performance by the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra. Those memories seem to come from long ago and far away. It was fun to make some new memories and to listen to some wonderful music from Holst, Corelli, Mendelssohn, Handel, Lauridsen, and Rutter.

A hearty thanks to all who gave us the gift of good memories and good music!

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