Saturday, December 04, 2010

The Supreme Gift

At Christmas time in our society, many people begin thinking about giving gifts to one another. This gift-giving finds its source in the supreme gift from God. But this supreme gift is not what many people, even many Christians, think it is. Many Christians celebrate the supreme gift as God giving his Son Jesus to us. This is certainly a wonderful gift, but it actually comes from a greater gift. You see, God the Father loves his Son and gives to him a host of people to whom the Son will give eternal life. The Son gives his people eternal life by giving himself for them. God the Father's gift to us comes from, or is entailed in, his gift to the Son. Join us this Lord's Day to marvel at the sovereign, life-giving love of God!

O Come, All Ye Faithful (#88)
Joy to the World (#92)
And Can It Be? (#335)
Amazing Grace (#247)
Chosen of God (#290)

Scripture Reading
Old Testament: Genesis 18; Psalm 29
New Testament: Matthew 12:1-21

All That the Father Gives Me: God's Sovereign Grace in Salvation - John 6:35-51

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