Friday, January 28, 2011

Preaching Free Grace

David Brainerd described the preaching when God did a mighty work among the Indians in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

It was the principal scope and drift of all my discourses to this people, for several months together, (after having taught them something of the being and perfections of God, his creation of man in a state of rectitude and happiness, and the obligations mankind were thence under to love and honor him,) to lead them into an acquaintance with their deplorable state by nature, as fallen creatures; their inability to extricate and deliver themselves; the utter insufficiency of any external reformations and amendments of life, or of any religious performance, of which they were capable, while in this state, to bring them into the favor of God, and interest them in his eternal mercy; thence to show them their absolute need of Christ to redeem and save them from the misery of their fallen state; - to open his all-sufficiency and willingness to save the chief of sinners; - the freeness and riches of divine grace, proposed ‘without money, and without price,’ to all that will accept the offer; thereupon to press them without delay o betake themselves to him, under a sense of their misery and undone state, for relief and everlasting salvation; - and to show them the abundant encouragement the gospel proposes to needy, perishing, and helpless sinners, in order to engage them so to do. These things I repeatedly and largely insisted upon from time to time.

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