Saturday, February 19, 2011

Sacrifice, Security, Love and Authority

Jesus teaches us that there is a special, effectual relationship between Jesus and his sheep. This is a relationship that death itself cannot sever, for the love and the authority of God Almighty makes this relationship absolutely sure and secure through Christ's sacrifice. As we meet this Lord's Day, I hope you will delight in the special, effectual relationship that Jesus secures with his sheep, for it is the only relationship that gives you eternal life. If you have confidence in this special, effectual relationship, then it will lead you to be wholly committed to this relationship. See you at church!
Holy, Holy, Holy (#3)
Rejoice, Believe, in the Lord (#627)
A Debtor to Mercy Alone (#614)
Trust and Obey (#525)

Scripture Reading
Old Testament: Genesis 29; Psalm 96
New Testament: Matthew 19:1-15

The Good Shepherd's Special, Effective Relationship with His Sheep - John 10:14-18

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