Thursday, March 24, 2011

A Caution

I've been arguing that true faith is not the decision of a moment but the disposition of the heart. These two perspectives on faith lead to different methodologies for presenting the gospel. We are not out to get decisions for Christ; we are endeavoring to make disciples. Understanding this is crucial in the pop-saturated world of Christianity in which we live today.

Nevertheless, as with all crucial truths, it is possible to take faith-as-a-disposition-of-the-heart in a wrong direction and end up in a different error. This error holds that one can be a believer without knowing it. One can be a believer without ever consciously turning from sin to Christ. But we must maintain that while real faith is the habit of the heart, it is not passive. It is always active.  True faith is not implicit faith. True faith is not unintelligent faith.True faith is not merely a feeling. True faith always includes an active purpose of the will, an attachment of the affections, an engagement of the mind. In short, it is personal trust in Christ alone for salvation.

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