Thursday, April 07, 2011



Last night I was greatly edified and challenged by John MacArthur's recent book Slave. I commend it to you. I liked this quote from Charles Spurgeon.

Every true Christian pronounces this phrase, "Jesus our Lord," with the emphasis of unreservedness. We desire that Christ Jesus should be our Lord in everything and Lord over every part of our being....He who truly loves Jesus, and who knows that he is one of those who are redeemed by him, says with all his heart that Jesus is Lord, his absolute Sovereign, his Despot, if that word be used in the sense of Christ having unlimited monarchy and supreme sway over the soul. Yea, O "Jesus our Lord," thou shalt be the autocratic, imperial Master of our heart, and of the whole dominion of our manhood!

The book closes with its major point: "To be a Christian is to be a slave of Christ."

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ThirstyMan said...

We have taught the "slave" idea for many years here. Many times have our children heard that a slave has no rights or property, no advantages other than those his master grants him. We have tried, probably very poorly, to show our children to live as though our ear has been placed on the doorpost and pierced with the awl of a perfect Master as a sign of ownership.

What a different concept from the popular "Christian" notion today of entitlement (which would not have much traction for 21st century believers in Iran, 15th century believers in Moravia, or 2nd century believers in Palestine).

So, how should we then live?