Thursday, June 16, 2011

Be Sure Your Logic Will Find You Out

When we seek to advance the cause of Christ, we should expect that our Adversary will act in keeping with his nature. He is a liar and the father of lies, so naturally he uses deception skillfully, to the point where that which is wrong can seem quite natural. In the barrage of lies against the truth, we have lost our footing in the realm of the family. It is not only that we have to publicly debate such inanities as "homosexual marriage." It is that we have lost the logic of the family in all of its dimensions, as God created and revealed it, which loss makes it difficult to make sense of our traditions regarding the family.

Recently, Scott Yenor argued that "the logic of contract and the movement to conquer nature have resulted in a triumph of autonomy and the demise of family." When we no longer recognize that marriage is a covenant before God and that God's created order functioning within God's ordained plan gives us direction and obligation, we will not be able to understand old-fashioned notions such as husbands should provide for their wives, children are a blessing, sex is only proper within the marriage covenant, sex is inherently procreative in purpose, and the pill is morally wrong. By the way, try explaining that last point to many Christians and you will have an immediate epiphany on how much Christians have swallowed the falsehoods so prevalent today. When they tear open the package and pop in the pill while in a marriage relationship, they are swallowing much more than a few hormones. They are acquiescing to a whole philosophy of sex and marriage which is incompatible with the biblical logic of the family.

So the next time you are frustrated by the stupidity of much that is debated in the public square today regarding sex and marriage, remember that we Christians privately gave up important logical ground a long time ago. We accepted lies. Be sure your logic will find you out.

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