Friday, July 01, 2011

Don't You Understand Yet?

Teachers love good comments from their students. It demonstrates that the student is thinking carefully about what he is being taught. But in the final discussion with Jesus' disciples before he was crucified, Philip made a profound request of Jesus which made Jesus sad. Philip wanted to see God, which is the greatest vision any man can have (Rev 22:4). Why would such a request make Jesus sad? It revealed that Philip still couldn't see that he was talking to the Word made flesh.

Do you think that Jesus might say the same thing to you? Let's consider this from a different angle. Are you satisfied with seeing the Father in the Son? Does the revelation of God in Jesus fill your soul and control your life? How can it do so? Join us this Lord's Day to hear Jesus' words and be satisfied with seeing the Father in the Son.

Holy, Holy, Holy (#3)
Immortal, Invisible, God Only Wise (#23)
God of Earth, God of Sky (#24)
Praise Ye the Lord (#42)

Scripture Reading
Old Testament: Genesis 48; Psalm 73
New Testament: Matthew 27:1-31

Satisfied with Seeing the Father in the Son - John 14:8-14

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