Thursday, August 18, 2011


I know that not many people in our church have much to do with Mark Driscoll...and that's a good thing. However, given the realities of technology today, I would be naive to think that you won't come across his teaching somewhere. Some of his teaching is biblical, but you need to be aware of his clearly unbiblical and degraded teachings, as well. Phil Johnson has done us a service by demonstrating how ridiculously unbiblical and obscene Driscoll can be. It's sad that Phil even has to document such things, and it's even worse that so many evangelical leaders refuse to deal with the issue.

The pastoral epistles show clearly how men can go astray in their practice as much as in their teachings. It will not do to defend Driscoll on the grounds that he has some good theology. If he cannot understand why filthy talk has no place in his life (Eph 5:12), then he fails the Scriptural qualifications for an overseer (1 Tim 3:2 - "above reproach," "self-controlled," "sober-minded," "respectable"). All who hunger and thirst after righteousness ought to steer well clear of his degrading ministry (1 Cor 15:33).

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Mark Escalera said...

Very good thoughts brother. Phil Johnson has taken the stand that many others within evangelical circles should be doing as well. Sadly, the thought process seems to be that if you are a mega-church and well-liked by a niche market group that you must be cool and relevant within Christianity. Therefore, most of what you do will be ignored or simply overlooked for the sake of expediency.