Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Only Form of Sexual Union

The only remaining safeguards of family life in modern urban civilization are its social prestige and the sanctions of moral and religious tradition. Marriage is still the only form of sexual union which is openly tolerated by society....But if we accept the principles of the new morality, this last safeguard will be destroyed and the forces of dissolution will be allowed to operate unchecked.

Christopher Dawson, "The Patriarchal Family in History" - 1933

And what is the cardinal weapon that in our day is being deployed against the gospel of triune grace? It is sexual confusion. It is sexual brinksmanship. It is sexual accommodation. It is sexual grammar parsing. And whatever else it is, it is now upon us.

Douglas Wilson, "Cardinal Sexuality" - 2011

The historian Dawson was concerned about the decline of our society; our concern, though related, is more radical. It is a concern about the gospel and the right relationship of men to God. God created male and female and established the only form of sexual union precisely to point men to the wonder of his relationship with his church (Eph 5:32). The diabolical attack upon the only form of sexual union is an attack upon the gospel and the core truths of Christianity.

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