Saturday, November 05, 2011

A Prayer to Know the Triune God

O Lord our God, we believe in you, Father and Son and Holy Spirit....Directing my attention toward this rule of faith as best I could, as far as you enabled me to, I have sought you and desired to see intellectually what I have believed, and I have argued much and toiled much. O Lord my God, my one hope, listen to me lest out of weariness I should stop wanting to seek you, but let me seek your face always, and with ardor. Do you yourself give me the strength to seek, having caused yourself to be found and having given me the hope of finding you more and more. Before you lies my strength and my weakness; preserve the one, heal the other. Before you lies my knowledge and my ignorance; where you have opened to me, receive me as I come in; where you have shut to me, open to me as I knock. Let me remember you, let me understand you, let me love you. Increase these things in me until you refashion me entirely.

Augustine, The Trinity, 15.51 (translated by Edmund Hill)

A good prayer to pray as we gather tomorrow to consider John 17:1-5.

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