Friday, December 30, 2011

Adopted as Sons, not Daughters

Here is yet another reason to translate what the Scripture actually says, not what we think it ought to say according to current ideology. Speaking of the biblical teaching on adoption, Robert Letham writes,

The current tendency, influenced by the pressure of gender-inclusive language, to refer to believers as "sons and daughter" of God is misleading, blurs this vital truth, and has the effect of blunting the church's appreciation of what union with Christ entails. Jesus Christ is the Son of the Father, and is so eternally; that is his name and that is his status. It is not a sexual term, for God is not a sexual being. By referring to Christian believers as "sons," the NT is not, under the influence of patriarchal culture, bypassing half the human race. Instead, it is pointing to our shared status with the Son of the father, in and by the Holy Spirit. The introduction of talk of "daughters" obscures this point, placed at the hub of the Christian life.

Union with Christ, 54, fn. 19

High Country Baptist Church of Colorado Springs

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