Friday, January 27, 2012

A Little Postcript to Jan 15

In our sermon from January 15, I used the "Elephant Room" and the invitation of T. D. Jakes as an illustration of something which tears apart the unity of the body of Christ. Just in case anyone wants to follow up on that, here are a couple good online evaluations. If all this is meaningless to you, that's just fine. Your walk with Christ will thrive without needing to know anything about this. But since some of you are aware of these people and organizations, I post this here.

"After the Circus Parade" by Frank Turk

"Do You Beat Your Wife" by Carl Trueman

Turk's comments are apropos to the entire topic of unity, so let me give his three main points.

1. Someone needs to check the date for Mark Driscoll's shelf life as a reliable person.

2. The Gospel Coalition's response to MacDonald's resignation is par for the course for an organization that, frankly, values unity above the means to achieve unity (which is: sharpening each other with the truth).

3. TGC is not the only organization that has bacon in the fire after yesterday.  

High Country Baptist Church of Colorado Springs 

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