Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Falling Asleep with the Breast in Their Mouth

“The world shews its golden apple, it is a part of our vow in baptism to fight under Christ’s banner against the world. Take heed of being drowned in the luscious delights of it. It must be a strong brain that bears heady wine. He had need have a great deal of wisdom and grace, that knows how to bear a great estate. Riches oft send up their intoxicating fumes, which makes men’s heads giddy with pride….It is hard to climb up the hill of God with too many golden weights. Those that want the honours of the world, want the temptations of it. The world is a blandus Daemon, a flattering enemy. It is given to some as Michal to David, for a snare. The world shews its two breasts of pleasure and profit, and many fall asleep with the breast in their mouth. The world doth never kiss us, but with an intent to betray us. It is a silken halter. The world is no friend to grace; it chokes our love to heavenly things: the earth puts out the fire.”

Thomas Watson, The Christian Soldier, or Heaven Taken by Storm

Few have ever excelled the Puritans for snapping us awake out of spiritual lethargy. This passage from Watson was a gracious gift to me today.

High Country Baptist Church of Colorado Springs  

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