Friday, February 17, 2012

What Is Truth?

In a world like ours, it is easy to get cynical. In the realm of international affairs, lying is the way business gets done. In the realm of domestic shopping, corporations treat you as a pile of consuming flesh in order to extract as much money out of you as they can. In the realm of religion, whatever works for you is fine. If this is the way life is, then does truth even exist? What is truth, anyway?

Pilate's cynical question to Jesus gives us an opportunity to explore the Truth this Lord's Day. The Truth is real, and you can know him. Please join us.

Give to Our God Immortal Praise (#53)
Joy to the World (#92)
Jesus, Lover of My Soul (#489)
How Good Is the God We Adore (#738)

Scripture Reading
Old Testament: Exodus 25:1-22; Psalm 119:81-96
New Testament: Galatians 3:10-29

What Is Truth? - John 18:38

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