Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Why We Love to Serve Our Savior

Richard Sibbes (1577-1635) on Christ's rule of love and our love to him in return...

The main scope of all is to allure us to the entertainment of Christ's mild, safe, wise, victorious government, and to leave men naked of all pretences, why they will not have Christ to rule over them, when we see salvation not only strongly wrought, but sweetly dispensed by him. His government is not for his own pleasure, but for our good. We are saved by a way of love, that love might be kindled by this way in us to God again; because this affection melteth the soul, and mouldeth it to all duty and acceptable manner of performance of duty. It is love in duties that God regards more than duties themselves. This is the true and evangelical disposition arising from Christ's love to us, and our love to him again; and not to fear to come to him, as if we were to take an elephant by the tooth.

"To the Christian Reader" in The Bruised Reed

High Country Baptist Church of Colorado Springs

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