Tuesday, March 27, 2012


My friend John Aloisi, who teaches church history at Detroit Baptist Theological Seminary, has taken the opportunity for reflection created by the awful murders of Afghan civilians to push us to consider further what kind of a society we live in. He has an excellent post entitled "Boys Will Be Men" which you ought to read.

When incidents like the killing of innocent civilians take place, people usually go searching for answers. But events like the cage matches at Fort Hood should also be cause for cultural introspection. How did we get to the place where those in military leadership think it’s a good idea to encourage male soldiers to fight women in cage matches? Furthermore, when did young men come to the conclusion that it is okay to enter a competition where those who do well will probably have to fight women and either deck or get decked?

When God sends judicial blindness upon a people, they cannot even see the most basic distinctions between men and women. They honor destruction.

Read the whole thing.

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