Saturday, May 05, 2012

Here is a useful contrast of two different perspectives on corporate worship.

"Worship: Evangelical or Reformed?"

When we come together as a church tomorrow morning, ask yourself, "What is going on here? Is this merely something we are doing, or is God truly doing something here, too?"


Steven Thomas said...

Jason, your are right; this is a useful article. Godfrey does not resolve our struggle to find useful labels to define ourselves. For example, he certainly would not embrace me as reformed pastor since I believe the ordinances are symbolic and commemorative--not to mention a few other theological positions that cause our reformed brothers to frown. But I am in hearty agreement with his analysis of current worship practices. May our people develop a deep understanding of the fact that we come together each Lord's Day to meet with God and hear from God.

Thanks for calling attention to it.

Jason Parker said...

Thanks for your insights, Steve. An article like this does not lay out the biblical teaching on worship. Hopefully, however, it can open up different ways of viewing worship, which then helps us to go back to the Scripture with new eyes.