Sunday, May 27, 2012

Infinite Pleasure

“What an infinite pleasure it must be, as it were, to lose ourselves in Him, and, being swallowed up in the overcoming sense of His goodness, to offer ourselves a living sacrifice, always ascending unto Him in flames of love! Never does a soul know what solid joy and substantial pleasure are till once, being weary of itself, it renounces all property, gives itself up to the Author of its being, feels itself become a hallowed and devoted thing, and can say from an inward sense and feeling, ‘My Beloved is mine. I account all His interest my own, and I am His. I am content to be anything for Him, and do not care for anything for myself but that I may serve Him.’” 

Henry Scougal, "The Life of God in the Soul of Man" in The Works of Henry Scougal, 30

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Anonymous said...

How beautiful! Pastor Parker, you do find the most lovely quotations. Thank you. - jbs fam :)