Friday, June 01, 2012

True Witness to the Truth

It is here - the last sermon in our series through the Gospel of John. We have seen God's glory revealed in Jesus, the Word made flesh, and we have seen that it is indeed full of grace and truth. We believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God, and we have life in his name. What greater privilege could we have but to yield our lives to him in total love and service?

In order to solidify our confidence in Jesus, John's Gospel closes by tightening the final bolts in the structure of his magnificent, eye-witness testimony. It is the truth which tells us of the Truth. Join us this Lord's Day to rejoice in it.

Come, Christians, Join to Sing (#67)
Ye Servants of God, Your Master Proclaim (#44)
O for a Heart to Praise My God (#70)
Holy Savior, We Adore Thee (#73)

Scripture Reading
Old Testament: Exodus 34:1-9; Psalm 25
New Testament: Hebrews 8

True Witness to the Truth - John 21:20-25

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