Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Global through Local

What we need, then, are world Christians - not simply American Christians or British Christians or Kenyan Christians. By "world Christians," I am referring to Christians, genuine believers in the Lord Jesus Christ, of whom the following things are true:

Their allegiance to Jesus Christ and his kingdom is self-consciously set above all national, cultural, linguistic, and racial allegiances.

Their commitment to the church, Jesus' messianic community, is to the church everywhere, wherever the church is truly manifest, and not only to its manifestation on home turf.

They see themselves first and foremost as citizens of the heavenly kingdom and therefore consider all other citizenship a secondary matter.

As a result, they are single-minded and sacrificial when it comes to the paramount mandate to evangelize and make disciples.

The church, of course, is the only institution with eternal significance. If anyone ought to transcend the limitations of merely temporal allegiances, then those who constitute the church should. 

D. A. Carson, The Cross and Christian Ministry, 116-17

Excellent, excellent thoughts from Dr. Carson. May they be true of us.

I would like to add one thought to the second truth about "world Christians." The commitment to the church everywhere must be grounded in and spring from our commitment to the church right here. Many Christians these days try to commit to the church everywhere without being committed to the church right here, and hence they end up being truly committed to the church nowhere.

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