Friday, July 27, 2012

The Apostles' Creed - The Folk Song of Christianity

The Apostles' Creed could be called a true Christian folk song. True folk music (as opposed to the pop music that likes to claim "roots" as a status symbol) is not made famous by a famous performer. Usually we don't even know who originally composed it. It can't be copyrighted and marketed.

Instead, folk music expresses the shared language of the soul of a particular people. No one has imposed it on them. No one has issued a proclamation that this is their music. It just is because they all know in their hearts that this is theirs.Their mothers sang it to them in their cradles, and their fathers sang it in the fields. They sang it at gatherings of family and friends. It passes along not only the events of the past but also the shared meaning of those events. It identifies them and holds them together.

The Apostles' Creed was not birthed as a formally adopted creed at a church council. It was not written by any one person. It has nothing in common with market-driven Christianity.

Instead, it was the widely accepted truth of Christianity which was used at baptisms. In other words, it was the basics of Christianity, or as Philip Schaff says, "a profession of living facts and saving truths...a liturgical poem and an act of worship." It is the heart language all true Christians share.

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